Very important notice to all KDL Clubs re Fixtures:

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Very important notice to all KDL Clubs re Fixtures:

By Murt Murphy PRO

Because of recent changes that had to be made to Fixtures – the Fixtures Sec has been coming under constant pressure and at times he has received abuse from various quarters over postponements and re-fixtures. So as a result, he is not doing any Fixtures until after tomorrow nights KDL Meeting, where clubs will be given a chance to voice their opinions. All clubs must attend as there is an important agenda including

(1) Fixtures

(2) Plans for construction of all-weather pitch and €200,000 grant

(3) Greyhound Bar KO Cup draw:

(4) Social media misuse

(5) Christmas schedule – Christmas Day is a Thursday – so there are two weekends involved

(6) Up to date position with monies owed from clubs – a chance to pay up arrears.

(7) The need to stamp out abuse of match officials which is not a major problem but isolated incidents are occurring and one is too many.

(8) AOB

Now two things (1) any club not attending will be fined €50.

(2) Clubs and teams need to think the Fixtures problem out – last week for example between games that had to be called off and time changes – total was circa 10!! Clubs must know on Sunday night whether they can play or not – some do- but forget to tell sec – now remember what you wish for might sound good now, but later in the season – you could be caught – It was decided at a special EGM and at every recent AGM’s that Fixture lists were not a viable proposition but neither is changes to fixtures 3 times a week. So think and realise, that like turkeys voting for Christmas –if you decode that once a fixture is made on Sunday night it can’t be changed – then don’t come begging on Monday or Tuesday to get it changed – it will not happen! John has tried down the years to be inclusive to all – that includes the clubs whose players play soccer only, to those who play other sports – those who don’t have pitches – have lads in college – away working – birthdays – stags – christenings – and the trips to Premiership games. He has spent hours gigging things around to keep clubs in the league but ye are not making things easy for him – in fact the direct opposite – so have a good chat about and come to Monday nights Delegate meeting with some constructive ideas because to be honest – if John got sick in the morning (he wont – he will outlive most of us!) – I can’t see a ready made successor – Oh I can see people who would have maybe would have 3 or 4 divisions of 8 , of teams with soccer players only and if you played GAA or any other sport – tough luck. So you have to decide do you want an exclusive league or inclusive league – what is decided tonight may well decide that.