Special Administration and Service to Sport Award – John O Regan – Soccer

Mon, Feb 17, 2014

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Special Administration and Service to Sport Award

John O Regan – Soccer

John O’Regan, Hon Secretary of the Kerry District League is being recognised for his service to soccer in the county spanning 37 years as an administrator, also in terms of its growth and his stewardship of the KDL’s headquarters at Mounthawk Park.
The award will be presented on this Friday night at the Malton Hotel at the Rentokil Initial Kerry Sport Stars & Special Awards Gala Banquet. This is a tremendous boost for Kerry soccer and a reward for John, for all his hard work over the past 37 years or more.
As well as making fixtures, appointing referees, and ensuring games are played, he also sends out the fines, attends meetings of MFA and FAI and always pushes for more money for Kerry and its clubs.
But it’s Mounthawk Park, where John has really shone – overseeing its expansion since it was bought in 1995. Remarkably the grounds are paid for- and all the buildings and work done up there are all paid for – The KDL is debt free – not a bank loan or a euro owing which is a credit to John.

So John is on with Weeshie on Terrace Talk tonight between 7-30 and 8 pm – and it would the soccer family send in some texts – congratulating John on his reward and making any positive comments on the work he does or tales from time past.

The Terrace Talk txt no will be given out and the land line is 066 – 71 23666 so lets ensure that on an occasion like this that the soccer family will not be found wanting- I am certain it will not!

Terrace Talk between 6- 8 with John due on about 7-30

Thanks lads
Murt – long serving and poor PRO!!!!

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