Note on player registration and who you can play with:

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Note on registration and who you can play with

There appears to be some confusion out there as regards registration and who a player can play with if he signs with more than one club. There has been a change in the rule that allowed you sign for more than one club but you only decided your club, , when you played. So it was the first club you played for, rather than signed.

Now that is all changed as it was being abused – so now if you sign with a club and they register you with the KDL – that is the club you have to play for, despite not having played with them or maybe signed and trained with another club. So you are only legal to play with the club you signed for and have registered you.

The transfer window is now shut ( Sept 1st) and opens again on December 1st and you can then transfer to whoever you like until window closes on January 31st.

Post by Official PRO – Murt Murphy