Match Day Information For Clubs

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Many clubs seem to be have forgotten or are unaware of a few simple rules on match days so here is a short reminder of a few of them .



Only Official Umbro Match footballs are to be uses in the Kerry District League. All clubs are required to have at least one Official Umbro Match ball (not training balls) at every game and have them correctly pumped . These match balls are available from the KDL Secretary Mr John O’Regan if clubs are looking for them .




All clubs must have the correct kit when playing a game this means not alone do players have to wear the same jerseys they must all have the same colour shorts and socks for their club . If you are in need of some extra Jerseys, Socks or Shorts then you can also contact the KDL Secretary who might be able to help out with this matter.


Under armour/Skins under Jerseys & Shorts

If a player is wearing a long sleeve under armour/skins style of top under a short sleeve jerseys they now have two options. Players can either have the same colour as the jersey they are wearing (all players for the team must wear the same colour) or else they can wear a different colour as long as all players on the team wear the same colour and it doesn’t clash with the opponents they are playing (For example if your team have red short sleeve jerseys a player can wear a black long sleeve skins top as long as the other payers in his team choose to wear one that is also black) . Any type of skins shorts worn under a clubs shorts must be the same colour as the clubs shorts .


Socks and Taping

Players taping their socks to hold them up or using tape to keep a Shin guard in place must remember that the tape used must be the same colour as the socks worn by the player. The same rule applies for players using the Velcro straps for keeping shin guards in place (they must be the same colour as the socks worn) .


Referees Match Card

All teams are reminded when filling in a match card that they must use a players First name and Surname . All names must also be written in Block letters .





Match referees have been told to report any of these rules not been complied with back to the KDL where clubs could face fines for breaching these rules.