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Tue, May 19, 2015

KDL News

By Tommy Naughton

As all clubs know Umbro have been a sponsor of the KDL for many years now and once again have committed to being a sponsor for this season . This being said it would be great if all clubs could support them for being such a great Sponsor for the league . At present Umbro match balls must be used in all games in the Kerry District League . So if you need any gear , i.e Match Balls , Training Balls , Boots , Jerseys then why not Contact the Hon Secretary John o Regan who will be able to contact Umbro directly and he might get you a better deal than you will find advertise elsewhere . Their is currently some gear available to buy in Mounthawk Park from John which can been seen in the pictures below. Also here is a link for the Umbro Shop where you could see some of the products just please go through the Kerry District League to order them and we will hopefully keep a valued sponsor in Umbro for many more years to come .


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