KDL All Weather Pitch Update

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By Tommy Naughton

Today only one game went ahead in the Kerry District League and soon this will no longer be the case once the new All Weather pitch is installed in Mouthawk Park . I have been to Mounthawk Park on many wet days to view games but never did I see the main pitch holding so much surface water ( see Pictures below) as I did today . In the near future this will not be a problem and everyone will all be able to go watch games no matter what the conditions are .

The honorary secretary John o Regan has stated that work on the new all weather pitch will commence hopefully in early April and should be finished in Early July . For a number of years the KDL has applied for grant assistants to help build an All weather pitch and finally this was approved October 2014 . Not only will their be a new pitch installed but a few other improvements in Mounthawk Park will be made . In front on the main stand their will be a new presentation area for league and cup finals and on the opposite side of the pitch a new dual purpose stand for spectators watching games on both pitches will be built .