FAInet Workshop

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Members Of FAInet will host a workshop for clubs within the Kerry District League and the Kerry Schoolboys/girls league at the Meadowlands Hotel Tralee on the 21st of August – see below for more details .


All clubs must send at least one person to this workshop as this will be your final chance to learn how to use FAInet which is now mandatory when registering teams and players for the season ahead .

To book your place please email tknocka74@hotmail.com with your name, club and the session you wish to attend (session times will be given to those who ask for them first as a max of twenty clubs can attend a session)


When: Wednesday 21st August 2019

Time: 7:00 to 8:00 (Session 1) & 8:00 to 9:00 (Session 2) max 20 clubs per session

Location: Meadowlands Hotel Tralee


Club’s Check list for the workshop;


• If clubs do not have laptops, please bring an iPad/Tablet/ Smart Phone device which you can also access FAInet from. The bigger the screen the easier it will be to use the system.


What to expect from the workshop;

• Clubs will learn why the FAInet system has been brought about

• Clubs will learn how to Register Teams & Players onto the system

• Clubs will learn how to Assign players to their squads and print out (this will be the new method of registering for the league).

• Clubs will learn how to upload Images of Registration forms before handing them into the league Registrar .

• The League will learn how to administrate the system from their point of view (practicing approving players & granting eligibility to play).

• Everyone will be shown the FAInet support page which contains easy to read guides & tutorial videos in case any info was forgotten from the night.