Denny Kerry District League Fixtures




Weekending Sunday 11th & 18th September 2020

All clubs must send results and scorers for all games to the following numbers directly after a game finishes , 086-2656605 Secretary, 087-7736543 Pro , 086-8637296 Website Results .

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While in Level 3 of the Government Guidlines for Covid19 all games in the Kerry DL are cancelled. Underage League of Ireland games for now can be played but must be played behind closed doors. 


Friday 9th October 2020

Denny Premier A

8-00  Killarney Celtic  v  Castleisland Afc  ,  Cancelled .


Saturday 10th October 2020

SSE Airtricity U15 Shield (Behind Closed Doors)

2-00  Kerry Fc  v  Wexford Fc  ,  Venue Celtic Park .

SSE Airtricity U17 Shield (Behind Closed Doors)

2-00  Carlow Kilkenny  v  Kerry Fc  ,  Venue Derdimus Park .

Denny Youth League

2-00  Ferry Rangers  v  St Brendans Park  , Cancelled  .
2-00  Listowel Celtic  v  Rattoo Rovers  ,  Cancelled .
2-00  Dingle Bay Rovers  v  Ballyhar Dynamos  ,  Cancelled .
2-00  Iveragh United  v  Mastergeeha Fc  ,  Cancelled .
2-00  Killarney Celtic  v  Inter Kenmare  ,  Cancelled  .
2-00  Killarney Athletic  v  Killorglin Afc , Cancelled .


Sunday 11th October 2020

Denny Premier A

11-30  Tralee Dynamos  v  Killorglin Afc  ,  Cancelled .
11-30  Camp United  v  Killarney Athletic  ,  Cancelled .
11-30  Listowel Celtic  v  Classic Fc  ,  Cancelled .

Denny Premier B

11-30  Rattoo Rovers  v  Asdee Rovers  ,  Cancelled .
11-30  Castlegregory Celtic  v  Castleisland Afc B  ,  Cancelled .
11-30  Fenit Samphires  v  Killarney Celtic B  ,  Cancelled .
11-30  Ballyhar Dynamos  v  MEK Galaxy  ,  Cancelled .

Denny Division 1A

11-30  St Brendans Park  v  CS Clochan Breanainn  ,  Cancelled .
11-00  Ballyheigue Athletic  v  Strand Road Fc  ,  Cancelled .
11-30  Castlemaine United  v  AC Athletic  ,  Cancelled .
2-30  QPR  v  Listowel Celtic B  ,  Cancelled .

Denny Division 1B

11-30  Windmill United  v  Ballymac Celtic  ,  Cancelled .
11-30  Mastergeeha Fc  v  Mainebank Fc  ,  Cancelled .
2-30  Inter Kenmare  v  Atletico Ardfert  ,  Cancelled .
2-30  Dingle Bay Rovers  v  Killarney Athletic B  ,  Cancelled .

Denny Divison 2A

2-00  Classic Fc B  v  MEK Galaxy B  ,  Cancelled .
2-30  Rattoo Rovers B  v  Lisard Wanderers  ,  Cancelled .
2-30  Tralee Dynamos B  v  Killorglin Afc B  ,  Cancelled .

Denny Divison 2B

2-30  Killorglin Afc C  v  Tralee Bay Wanderers  ,  Cancelled .
2-30  Lenamore Rovers  v  Classic Fc C  ,  Cancelled .
4-15  Kilmoyley Athletic  v  Killarney Celtic C  ,  Cancelled .

Denny Divison 3A

4-00  AC Athletic B  v  Kilflynn City  ,  Cancelled .


Wednesday 14th October 2020

SSE Airtricity U15 Shield (Behind Closed Doors)

7-30  Kerry Fc  v  Limerick Fc  ,  Venue Mounthawk Park .


Saturday 17th October 2020

Denny U17 League

2-30  Tralee Dynamos  v  LB Rovers , Cancelled .
2-30  St Brendans Park  v  Listowel Celtic , Cancelled
2-30  Rattoo Rovers  v  Ballyheigue Athletic , Cancelled .
2-30  Mastergeeha Fc  v  Castleisland Afc , Cancelled .
2-30  MEK Galaxy  v  Ballyhar Dynamos , Cancelled .
2-30  Killarney Athletic  v  Killorglin Afc , Cancelled .


Sunday 18th October 2020

SSE Airtricity U19 Shield (Behind Closed Doors)

2-00  Cobh Ramblers  v  Kerry Fc  ,  Venue St Colmans Park .

SSE Airtricity U17 Shield (Behind Closed Doors)

2-00  Kerry Fc  v  Limerick Fc  ,  Venue Mounthawk Park .

Denny Premier A

11-00  Classic Fc  v  Killarney Celtic , Cancelled .
11-30  Killarney Athletic  v  Tralee Dynamos , Cancelled .
11-30  Camp United  v  Listowel Celtic , Cancelled .
11-30  Castleisland Afc  v  Killorglin Afc , Cancelled .

Denny Premier B

11-30  Castlegregory Celtic  v  Rattoo Rovers , Cancelled .
11-30  Killarney Celtic B  v  Asdee Rovers , Cancelled .
11-30  MEK Galaxy  v  Fenit Samphires , Cancelled .
2-30  Castleisland Afc B  v  Ballyhar Dynamos , Cancelled .

Denny Division 1A

11-30  St Brendans Park  v  Ballyheigue Athletic , Cancelled .
11-30  QPR  v  Strand Road Fc , Cancelled .
11-30  Castlemaine Utd  v  CS Clochain Breanainn , Cancelled .
2-00  Listowel Celtic B  v  AC Athletic , Cancelled .

Denny Division 1B

11-00  Mainebank Fc  v  Windmill United , Cancelled .
2-30  Mastergeeha Fc  v  Inter Kenmare , Cancelled .
2-30  Killarney Athletic B  v  Ballymac Celtic , Cancelled .
4-30  Atletico Ardfert  v  Dingle Bay Rovers , Cancelled .

Denny Division 3A

11-30  Ferry Rangers  v  Lenamore Rovers B , Cancelled .
2-00  Asdee Rovers B  v  Kilflynn City , Cancelled .
2-00  Fenit Samphires B  v  BCL Fc , Cancelled .

Denny Division 3B

2-00  Inter Kenmare B  v  Lisard Wanderers B , Cancelled .
2-00  Castlegregory Celtic B  v  Blackbulls Fc , Cancelled .
4-15  Elton Wanderers  v  Mastergeeha Fc B , Cancelled .


Saturday 24th October 2020

SSE Airtricity U13 Shield (Behind Closed Doors)

2-00  Kerry Fc  v  Waterford Fc  ,  Venue Mounthawk Park .

SSE Airtricity U19 Shield (Behind Closed Doors)

4-00  UCD  v  Kerry Fc  ,  Venue Baldonnel .


Note: All Players Must be Properly Registered before they can Play in the KDL .

Fixtures for the 2020/21 season will be posted on the Kerry DL website two weeks in advance of a fixture. If a club has an issue with an upcoming fixture, they can contact their opponent and see if they can rearrange or moved the fixture. If both clubs agree then they must both contact the fixture secretary with the new details. If both clubs cannot agree to a change then the game goes ahead as originally fixed.
The fixture secretary must get three days’ notice of any fixture change (Sunday fixture change must notify by Thursday; Saturday Fixture change must notify by Wednesday).
Any issues with getting games postponed for unplayable Pitches, Bereavements, Etc. will only be dealt with by ringing the Fixture Secretary .
Fixture Secretary Mr John O’Regan 086-2656605 , Assistant Fixture Secretary Kieran O’Regan 086-8637296.


** No Metal Studs or Metal blades allowed on Mounthawk Park All-Weather Pitches , Any player who is reported by a match referee or a county board member for having the incorrect footwear shall be fined €5.00 for the first incident and this will be increased if they are found to continuously wear the incorrect footwear . Lights for night games in Mounthawk Park cost €50 to be paid by home team or split if teams agree to do so. The charge for using a pitch at Mounthawk Park without the use of floodlights is €25. Any club who books a pitch at Mounthawk Park and then cancelled their booking must still pay for the pitch .