Munster Area
Round 1
Kerry  1-1  Limerick , Kerry won 4-3 on pens.
Clare  6-2  West Cork
Round 2
West Cork v Limerick DL .

Leinster Area
Round 1
Wexford League  2-1  Dublin AUL
NEFL  4-1  Defence Forces
UCL  2-3  Carlow
LSL  0-2  Kilkenny
Round 2
UCL v Dublin Aul
LSL 0-1 Defence Forces

Connaught Area
Round 1
Sligo/Leitrim  3-2  Galway
Roscommon  1-1  Mayo , Roscommon won 4-2 on pens .
Round 2
Galway 2-3 Mayo ..

Ulster Area
Round 1
Cavan/Monaghan  2-1  Inishowen League
Round 2
Inishowen v Donegal .

Round 3
Defence Forces  v  Donegal or Inishowen League
Roscommon League  v  UCL or AUL Dublin
Clare League  v  Limerick or West Cork League
Wexford League  v  Mayo League
NEFL  v  Kilkenny League
Carlow League  v  Cavan/Monaghan
Games to be played before end of January 2018 .

1/4 Finals
Carlow or Cavan/Monaghan  v  Wexford or Mayo .
Clare or Limerick or West Cork  v  Roscommon or UCL or AUL .
Sligo/Leitrim  v  Kerry DL .
NEFL or Kilkenny League  v  Defence Forces or Donegal or Inishowen .
Games to be played before end of February 2018 .